1. Sitting here, reminiscing. Family. Snow. But most importantly, freshly baked Cinnamon Rolls for brunch on New Years Day.

  2. Taste for the experience of tasting. Experience for the sake of experiencing. Live for the experience of living.

  3. Sprüngli luxemburgerli. The best of the best. No questions asked. No doubts about it. Simply, perfect.

  4. In my humble opinion, Christmas season, is one of the best seasons. The fact that it comes and goes like the blink of an eye, is somewhat, unsettling. So please excuse me while I dwell in the memory of a food-coma-inducing, exponential-happiness-bringing, Christmas.

  5. There is a peace that settles on the world during earth’s grey days, unlike that which accompanies blue sky mornings. And sometimes, I prefer it.

  6. I am not much of a Superbowl watcher. But I am much of a Superbowl snacker. Particularly, when snacking involves the above…TCHO Munch. Do I have you salivating yet? Well, to relieve you, I will let you in on a secret… the recipe’s right, here.

  7. It’s that time of year again…and I couldn’t be happier. Here are some homemade mini mince pies to show for it.

  8. Recognise these? Same same, but different. Hypnotising.

  9. It’s that season again. And I don’t know about you, but I am certainly starting to get into the mood. Ideas for a holiday centre piece?

  10. I have had no s’more like it. Nor ever will. Unless I track down Sugar Knife. It really doesn’t get much better than a Nutella-smothered, artisanal s’more.

  11. 2 of my favourite things. Jennifer Kindell; a new take on our local produce, and a talented artist in the making.

  12. Pretty Please Bakeshop’s elegant cake designs. I like pretty things. Don’t you?


  13. So this is a little out of the norm here… But there is something about this song, their lyrics. I couldn’t help my self. Thank you Bastille.

    (And don’t say I didn’t warn you…this is a box of chocolates after all…)

  14. They say, preparing food is an expression of yourself. You put a part of yourself on a serving dish for all to interpret how they may. And you hope…

  15. Guess what, guess where… Truly one of a kind. Rich, and creamy TCHO Chocolate ice cream, adorned with spicy caramel. The perfect compliment (though a berry drizzle would not have hurt…). Smooth, with a little kick. Tradition with a twist. Ice cream, 3.0.