1. After indulging, for 9 hours, in cocoa, from all shapes to all sizes, it is safe to say I have experienced chocolate-induced inebriation. I can also say with 100% certainty that I am no closer to a chocolate over-dose than I was prior to this year’s Salon du Chocolat. One of the more unique, contemporary masterpieces of the day, was Chef Guillaume Sanchez ‘s Merveilleuse.

  2. Wetting the appetite in preparation for this weekend’s Salon du Chocolat in London, with one of my all time favourites from the other side of the globe, San Francisco: TCHO Chocolate.

  3. Firstly. The absence. I am heartily sorry. The past 2 months have seen a typhoon of change. I now find myself half way across the globe. But, in times like these… Pastries. To ease the heart, mind and soul. And I guess sweet tooth, while we’re at it. For the sake of reminiscing…this Almond Croissant from one of my absolute favourite corners in SF: Le Marais.

  4. Perhaps it is just wishful thinking, but I like to hope that the indulgence in summer desserts will encourage the season to make its appearance, sooner rather than later. Perhaps… Created, styled, photographed, and of course, devoured. The good news is, you can now too. Devour it that is. Right, here.

  5. There are few cities in this world where a coffee shop chain would partner with a craft chocolate maker. Fewer still is the number of coffee shops that would come out on top. Peet’s Coffee and Tea, is one such trouncer. May I present to you the most moist and decadent cake ever sold in a coffee shop: the triple TCHO Chocolate threat (note. so named as of 30 seconds ago).

  6. Stone fruit. Some of spring and summer’s greatest pleasures. Dusted with a little lemon zest. Topped with a few raspberries. Enveloped in the warm arms of sugar-crusted, home-made, dough. While spectacularly appealing to the eye as a first effort, for oozing gooey perfection, enter, over-ripe plums. Lesson learned. Until next time…

  7. When it just doesn’t quite seem to make sense anymore. Grab a Pastry.

  8. Is it too late for Easter treats? Even when they’re this pretty? And even when I have a little secret to share with you? No one ever said it hurt to be too prepared now did they. So take note: next time you browse Delicious Magazine UK’s Easter recipe collection, namely, Easter Nests, remember 3 things. One. TCHO Chocolate. Two. Cadbury Mini Eggs. Three (and perhaps most importantly). Sea Salt. That is all.

  9. Sitting here, reminiscing. Family. Snow. But most importantly, freshly baked Cinnamon Rolls for brunch on New Years Day.

  10. Taste for the experience of tasting. Experience for the sake of experiencing. Live for the experience of living.

  11. Sprüngli luxemburgerli. The best of the best. No questions asked. No doubts about it. Simply, perfect.

  12. In my humble opinion, Christmas season, is one of the best seasons. The fact that it comes and goes like the blink of an eye, is somewhat, unsettling. So please excuse me while I dwell in the memory of a food-coma-inducing, exponential-happiness-bringing, Christmas.

  13. There is a peace that settles on the world during earth’s grey days, unlike that which accompanies blue sky mornings. And sometimes, I prefer it.

  14. I am not much of a Superbowl watcher. But I am much of a Superbowl snacker. Particularly, when snacking involves the above…TCHO Munch. Do I have you salivating yet? Well, to relieve you, I will let you in on a secret… the recipe’s right, here.

  15. It’s that time of year again…and I couldn’t be happier. Here are some homemade mini mince pies to show for it.