1. Then it was time for NYC’s National Barbeque Fest. I guess it’s just that time of year.

  2. Was it worth the hour and a half wait? With a MOMA member in tow, and a good 20 minute worth of photo taking on the rain floor itself - abso-freaking-lutely. (Without, well, maybe that’s debateable). Regardless. We made it. We did it. And we have these to show for it.

  3. Can you guess what’s oozing from the centre of this golden, snow dusted brioche french toast? I’ll give you a moment…that’s it. Nutella. While the amount could have, and well, in my opinion, should have been, about 10 times the amount (featured above), here’s to happy memories, random discoveries, blissful moments, the best company, and chance encounters.

  4. Faces looking up at you. The wonder and mystery that is street art. Mesmerizing too.

  5. Unions and reunions. What better way to celebrate, than with cupcakes.

  6. So, it may or may not have become apparent at this point, that I am quite a fan of pastries…well, just means more tips and pastry food-porn to satiate your cravings too, (I know you have them…). Two of my favourite things put together; almond croissant, with chocolate. Thank you Butterfield.

  7. Les patisseries Françaises, well, nothing quite compares. What a pleasant surprise to see them making their way over the Atlantic. Eric Kayser’s Mille-Feuille, not my first choice, but nonetheless addictive.

  8. While they were a little frugal with their strawberry jam and clotted cream…it is hard to find reasons to complain when you are being served one of your favourites…almost a perfect replica. A job well done Tea & Sympathy.

  9. Oo la la les crêpes. Ces crêpes. Even though she stole my idea…20 years before I was able to implement this idea…that I had 1 year ago…well. Even so. Crêpes. That is all I have to say. Let your imagination do the rest…

  10. Things are not always what they seem. Or are they. How fear filled a life do you wish to lead?

  11. And then it was over. Almost as quickly as it started. A weekend with best friends never did last long.

  12. So worth the umbrella-less walk in the rain. Hits the spot every time, at anytime. You ‘Fro-Yo’ connoisseurs should recognise this one…

  13. Blue sky. Gentle breeze. Temperature on the rise. The early morning High Line is a breath of fresh air, (almost…), in NYC’s overcrowded streets. The perfect end of a walk to work.

  14. A trip to NYC (or any city for that matter) should be considered incomplete without passing through its Farmers’ Market…Union Square Market, on a rather heated, Saturday Morning; a summer palate too inviting to pass by unnoticed.

  15. A panel covered in colourful cupcakes, enough to catch anyone’s eye. Unfortunately this time, too full to try…but so intrigued by the man in front, appearing to order 2 of every flavour on the menu? Maybe round two is in order…