1. And there it was. And there we sat. Another perfect end, to another perfect holiday.

  2. And then it was over. Almost as quickly as it started. A weekend with best friends never did last long.

  3. Walking along the water, wind in the hair, through the North End until the sun sets, to clear the mind. It’s funny how the elements have the power to soothe.

  4. When thousands upon thousands of people find one single place in which to congregate, whether it be for sports, food, or music, there comes with it a peaceful sense of belonging, of purpose. Concerts in the Park presented by the NY Philharmonic Orchestra, was one such moment. 

  5. Firenze. Sempre meglio. Sempre più bella. Ti amo. Mi mancherai moltissimo. Ma spero che non sarà l’ultimo tramonto che vedrò. Dunque ci vediamo, Firenze

  6. Non mi abituerò mai ai bellissimi tremonti di Firenze.

  7. Il tramonto a San Gimigniano.  Tranquillo.  Bellissimo.

  8. Pluie ou soleil, lever ou coucher.  Chaque angle est aussi beau que le prochain.

  9. Fire on the mountain.  A piece of the present.